Receiving stream

Receiving stream

Phase II of Shoujiang River Regulation Project
The project starts from the intersection of Longxi North Road, Kowloon Avenue in the north and ends at the downstream of Longma Bridge in the south. The total length of the project is about 4.2 kilometers, and the current river width varies from 20 to 32 meters.
The estimated total investment of the project is 139.7673 million yuan, and the main construction contents include water environmental ecological measures, slow-moving system, waterfront footpath, viewing platform and corresponding service supporting facilities. Among them, the construction of the immersive night scene lighting show of Shoujiang River has greatly improved the municipal construction quality of the Silver Lake Science and Technology City.
△ Immersive night light show of the river
When night falls, walk along the receiving stream. The greenway, green belt, water bank, plank road and weir along the bank are decorated with colorful lights, which are reflected on the water surface. The lights and water blend, and a bright and colorful gallery scene is immediately visible. Under the night, some people stop to watch the scenery, some people play in the water and chase, coming and going are very busy.
"The Shoujiang River is the main river of the Silver Lake Science and Technology City, with rich 'hydrophilic' elements. Now, through the adjustment of lighting technology, the lights are bright at night, and it becomes a good place for citizens to rest and entertainment." The relevant person in charge of the project said that since the lighting debugging, the popularity here has obviously become more prosperous.
Different landscape zones have different lighting effects. The line lights are used to strengthen the through-type lighting along the river, and the basic lights are used as the night scene background and lighting safety guarantee.
01Jiulongqiao Weir Dam of Shoujiangxi
The design adopts waterproof contour light rendering, and through different color gradient rendering, it competes with surrounding greening, landscape, water fog, etc.
02Longma Bridge to Xixi Bridge
As a lighting enhancement block, with holographic projection, through different lighting shows, the three themes of "Asian Games fighting spirit", "rich and sunny life" and "charming new area planning" are displayed.


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