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Professional title:

operational area


Time of issue:

Sales office

Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang

4500 - 5000


工作地区: Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang 工作性质:Full time性别要求:No limit 薪资: 4500 - 5000

1. Female, manage the company's product sales, and be proficient in using computer office software, such as Word and Excel.

2. Outgoing and cheerful personality, proactive in work, good communication skills and coordination skills;

3. To send and receive company documents and select suppliers, have a strong foundation in text organization;

4. Responsible for the company's business management system to log in and out; responsible for employee performance appraisal and attendance data export.

5. Complete various tasks assigned by superiors.

6. In addition to the above requirements, have a sense of responsibility, a sense of responsibility, a sense of responsibility, and say important things three times (I feel that I have no sense of responsibility, you can bypass it)

Electronics Engineer

Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang

7500 - 15000


工作地区: Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang 工作性质:Full time性别要求:No limit 薪资: 7500 - 15000

1. College degree or above, major in electronic application and information engineering. More than one year of working experience in the design and development of LED lamps and lighting electronics;

3. Familiar with digital circuits and analog circuits, proficient in the performance, principles, selection principles and precautions of various electronic components;

4. Independently complete the electronic development and testing of LED lighting products;

5. Proficient in LED power circuit, able to design circuit and power configuration according to different products.

6. Familiar with the production process and process control of LED lighting lamps, as well as the use and performance of LED product related equipment (integrating sphere, photometric detector, etc.), and conduct tests;

7. Proficient in Protel, PowerPCB, AutoCAD and other application software operations, able to design circuit boards independently;

8. Proficient in LED packaging process, familiar with LED optical parameters and performance indicators of various specifications;

9. With team spirit and strong coordination ability, good learning ability, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong ability to withstand pressure.

structural engineer

Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang

8000 - 16000


工作地区: Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang 工作性质:Full time性别要求:No limit 薪资: 8000 - 16000

1. Have many years of design and development experience in the lighting industry.

2. Familiar with the structural features of LED lamps, and have an extremely deep understanding of LED lighting application products.

3. Familiar with safety standards, be able to make BOM tables, work instructions, familiar with the process flow, understand the theoretical knowledge of the PIE process routine, and be responsible for the refinement of the output data of the design and development. Familiar with AutoCAD, Pro-E and Office and other design software.

4. Familiar with product demand and operation in domestic and export markets.

5. Active work, quick thinking, strong understanding, strong sense of responsibility, and team spirit.

Optical engineer

Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang

6000 - 12000


工作地区: Zhejiang - Hangzhou - Fuyang 工作性质:Full time性别要求:No limit 薪资: 6000 - 12000

1. Responsible for the research and development of the optical part of the project;

2. Carry out the construction, experiment, pre-research and test of the optical system according to the actual situation;

3. Responsible for the compilation of relevant documents and technical materials according to work needs;

4. Engage in the imaging design of the optical system of the new product, and draw the drawings of the optical parts;

5. Responsible for the tracking and evaluation of optical materials in the development stage.

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