Red Army Town Cultural and Creative Lighting

Red Army Town Cultural and Creative Lighting


Fujian Gutian is the place where the party determined the principles of ideological archives and political army building. It is the place where our political work laid the foundation, and the place where the new type of people’s army is shaped.

Implementing the "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Potential of Cultural and Tourism Consumption" issued by the General Office of the State Council, proposing to create characteristic cultural tourism performance products, promote the quality and expansion of tourist attractions, vigorously develop the night-time cultural tourism economy, enrich new culture and tourism consumption formats, etc. 9 The “Red Gutian Xinghuo Liaoyuan” cultural tourism night tour was carried out in the Red Army Town of Gutian, which not only enriched the cultural life of the masses, adapted to the development and changes of the tourism situation, but also stimulated consumption, expanded employment, and boosted the local economy. .

"Single Fire" uses art installations of lighting, high-power lasers, full-surround stereo sound, holographic projection and other artistic expression methods, enabling visitors to experience the historical process and revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary period in the historical scene, and follow the footprints of human beings. Improve party spirit.


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